Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My best work at home page is turning more into a cautionary tale than any kind of help; look at what I'm doing and then do the opposite lol. It's not that bad, I just have some bad habits that I need to kick if I want to be more successful.

Today was actually a good day on the WAHM front. I'm getting back on the Swagbucks  horse, and I managed to make my second goal today!!! It really helped that laptop guy is back.

I got my first opportunity offer with BlogHer!!! I hope they pick me, it looks like it will be lots of fun!

After I finish here I have to get my spins done on Superpoints. I finally got to Gold Membership, so I have 100 spins of the Super Lucky Button to do. I have to remember to do them earlier because the boy loves to click for me. It was cooler when they had the whole psychedelic thing going on though.

Thankfully after losing out on a bunch of bids, I got three offers from IZEA's new Sponsorship Marketplace. It's almost as good as Sponsored Tweets so far, we'll see what happens when it comes out of Beta. I guess I shouldn't be talking junk about a program I'd like other people to try, but at least I'm not lying about it!!

Thanks to whoever (whomever?) is reading this!!!

Have a great night and a better tomorrow! =)

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