Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Monday!!!!!
I know it's almost over, but I took yesterday off and the bookmark was mocking me because I know I should have posted something for today.

I've been slacking on Swagbucks the last week or so; it seems I forgot Mommy doesn't get a summer vacation. =P

Today was one of those really lazy days. It wasn't hot and we had this amazing run of thunder that lasted almost all day. It wasn't the scary kind, it was the kind of low rumble that you look forward to because it means the weather will cool off for a little while. It was also great for the plants!! I'll have to write about our little garden when I have some nice pics to go with them. It's my hubby's project really, but enough about him right now.

It's nice and quiet at the mo. The kids are in their rooms; quiet even if they're not asleep and hubby is watching Ice Road Truckers, which means he's not paying attention to me.

Have a good night to anyone who's actually reading this and tomorrow's project is to get smileys for the page.

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