Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just saying Hi!

Still no word about the SNAFU with my husband's job. The woman refuses to return our phone calls or make an appointment to talk to my husband, so he's off to file a grievance with the employment office.

In happier news Cub Scouts is really taking off this year!! We have a new den leader and a crop of parents who are really involved, not just playing on their phones for an hour.

I was getting worried about our pack because the last two years our leadership was in the toilet. The lady who had been running it didn't half train the guy who took over and he was kind of an idiot anyway. Then we had a bunch of people quit because of the gay thing and I never realized how hateful some supposedly "Christian" people are until I had to discuss it with some concerned parents. And one woman's husband was a preacher!! Seeing as how our group is 1 thru 5th graders, it's not really an issue, but they really had their panties in a bunch over it. These are also some of the "phone" parents I was talking about, so I really don't take them seriously.

We're selling popcorn and that's always fun. The boys are always excited and that's even when they find out that can't keep the money! My son is doing great this year so far. Scouts has really helped him overcome his shyness, so he's hitting up everyone he knows; his teachers, the neighbors, folks at church. In a week he's sold more than he did all of last year, so I'm very proud of him. If you love overpriced popcorn and want to help send him to camp this summer, you can buy it here Trail's End (I shortened the link because the original is crazy long.)

That's it for today and thanks for reading!! <3

Friday, September 19, 2014

This is the most ridiculous thing to ever happen Pt. 1

I've posted about the job my husband got driving the school bus. He's been under/unemployed for nearly three years now and he was really happy to get the job. It was only part time, but it paid well and he had plenty of time off for doctor appointments and would always be home when our 9 year old was. Perfect, right??

 Well a couple of days ago, his supervisor calls him and tells him his application has been rejected. Wait, what? How has he been driving the bus for over two weeks if his application wasn't approved??
 It turns out the Superintendent of our school system rejected his application on the basis of a reckless driving charge and a ticket for an open container. That's pretty bad right, who wants a horrible person like that driving their kids around??!!!

 Oh, I forgot to mention a couple of things. The reckless driving charge? Dropped because the cop writing the ticket couldn't tell the difference between screeching tires and a fan belt that needed to be replaced. The D.A.dropped the charges when my husband brought his receipt from the mechanic to court. But what about the open container you ask? Well that wasn't him, it was me. We all do dumb stuff occasionally.

 I'll just bore you with two more little details before I get back to my story. Those events occurred in 1992 and 1997 respectively. Yes, that's right, my husband lost his job for a 17 and a TWENTY-TWO year old traffic violation. Can you believe this???!!!!

 They did a background check on him before he was even allowed to take the class. If his driving record was unsatisfactory, why didn't they spot it then?

 He took the class and passed all of his written exams with flying colors, but because there's one guy who does all the driving tests for several counties, it was three weeks between the time he took the class and the time he took the driving test. Plenty of time to make sure his driving record was up to snuff, right?

 To make matters worse, the man in charge of the drivers GUARANTEED my husband a job when he got his CDL!!! He gets his new license on a Friday and we finish his application the same day. My husband took his temporary license to the bus garage Monday and was given a bus Tuesday. After riding with a couple of school staff members to get familiar with the route for a couple of days, he was given the key to the bus. Let me repeat, HE HAD THE KEY TO THE BUS. For TWO weeks he had keys to county property and was in charge of children's' safety while NOT an official employee of the county.

To Be Continued......

Friday, September 5, 2014


Happy Friday everyone!!! 
It's end of another week and the start of a VERY long weekend. I hate moving. I hate moving even more because this means my baby girl isn't coming home for long Christmases and summer vacations. This also means I'm going to have an inconsolable 9 yr old on my hands when he figures it out. You'd think with a 10 yr age difference they wouldn't be as close as they are! At least Cub Scouts starts Monday and that will keep him a little busy.

Have a great weekend everyone and if I'm not posting by Sunday, I'll definitely have something to say about the first game of regular season NY Giants football!!!! I'm just a little bit of a fan

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm baaaaaack!!


I  was really trying to be good about posting, but kids. That and an out of work husband *sigh*

The good news is everyone is gone!!! (Well mostly, thanks to the financial aid office at my daughter's school, she got her money late and we're moving her into her first apartment *SOB* this weekend.)

The kids are back in school and and so is the old man; he got a job driving a school bus!!
It's pretty awesome because he's off when the kids are and he has free time for doctor's appointments and other errands that he didn't working 12 hr shifts at the plant before he was laid off. The bad part is getting up at 5 a.m.

Now that I'm slowly getting back on schedule, maybe I'll be better about getting my blog posts done.