Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Commercial Advent Calendar - Day 10

I know it's late and I'm going to try to do better and post earlier. You all know how it is though. You want to get something done, but you have to go shopping and then there's tweets and bids to write. When you just think you have a minute, the kids are home and there's homework and they need to eat. Then your shows come on and of course you have to live tweet them to keep your twitter activity high and also because you like your shows. Then there's bedtime and where the hell is the cat (no seriously, where the hell is my cat. I know she's in here somewhere.)

But I digress.

For Day 10 (barely) of my Christmas Commercial Advent Calendar I have an ad that's short and sweet, just like the product they're selling. I hope you enjoy Hershey Kisses Bells and if you see my cat let me know.

P.S. I'd like to note, that I'm not endorsing any of the products in my Christmas Commercial Advent Calendar posts. This is something that I'm doing for fun on Facebook and thought I'd share.

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