Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gracepoint Drinking Game

Fox has their own version of the excellent British series Broadchurch called Gracepoint. The Tweets about this show are mainly about how Broadchurch was better and how they hate David Tennant's American accent.

I'm not getting paid for this at all. It's just an expansion of a tweet I made while watching tonight's episode.

Just for kicks, I made a drinking game based on these tweets. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Gracepoint Twitter Drinking Game.

One Shot:
Every time someone compares Gracepoint, to Broadchurch.
Every time someone makes a Doctor Who or Breaking Bad reference.
Every time someone tweets #SuspectEveryone, to @GracepointFOX .

Two Shots:
When someone complains about David Tennant's American accent.
When someone tweets to Arthur Darvill that they miss him as the priest.

Three Shots:
When a David Tennant "fan" posts to @David_Tennant.*

The first person who says "You're It" when a TvTag tweet comes up makes the person of their choice take two shots. (SOMEBODY out there has to be having Gracepoint parties, so this one's for you!)

I'm going to add to these as the series progresses. Remember to drink responsibly, we wouldn't want you to miss any of the show. =)

*Real David Tennant fans know that he doesn't use Twitter and the @ goes to the awesome Fan Page David Tennant on Twitter.

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